A new perspective of suicide… Watch to unveil the reason why not to take your own life

This video aims to bring forth a new angle, perspective towards the matter of suicide. An original HLO video, dedicated to the rise of suicide toll across the Globe.

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  1. I wrote a post on suicide. It’s such a difficult topic to discuss. Thanks for sharing awareness.

    1. Indeed dear, we made an attempt to introduce a new perspective to it with a metaphoric insight on the moon representing us, the sun our dreams and we are to reflect that light to our life – the world. We would love to read your post on suicide Ipuna Black 🙂

      1. That’s very creative. Great way to spread the value of life.

        Here is my link to my post on teen suicide. Thanks for checking it out. https://ipunablack.com/2017/04/04/teen-suicide-what-friends-and-outside-influences-can-do-to-help-prevent-this-tragedy/

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