Welcome to the Institute of Parental Guidance and Coaching! I am really glad to have you visit us. At IPGC, we aim to deliver knowledge in the industries of parenting and coaching, mixed with elements of expertise from our coaches.

Our mail goal is to help you achieve what you seek most, whether that is becoming a better parent, creating a one-of-a-kind bond with your child, following your passion or simply living a fulfilled and happy life.

We’ve compiled clinical, unique and impressively well-described tactics to help you parent a child that will eventually grow to become a better part of the society.

We want to create a movement in changing the world through parenting. That is our drive and motive. And we realise sometimes personal inhibitions can impact on family life greatly. That is why we also offer coaching in how you can overcome those inhibitions and fears, in helping you find your light in any area of life your’re struggling in. We have expert coaches in this field who hold the knowledge you need to develop a satisfying lifestyle, reach your big goals in life, pursue your passion or get your dream job.

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